Smart Decisions

A game about architecting modern software systems


Playing cards

What is it?

Smart Decisions is a game that simulates the design process of software systems and promotes learning about it in a fun way.

The game is based on Attribute-Driven Design (ADD), which is a method from the Software Engineering Institute that allows complex architectures to be designed in a predictable and efficient way.

How to start?

You just need to download and print the game materials which include the game board, game scenario, playing cards, and game scorecard.

You also need to download a presentation that will help you guide the game session.

For whom?

Smart Decisions can be played by software architects, software and embedded engineers, data scientists, students, and anyone who is interested in learning about software architecture design techniques and how they can be applied in the design of software systems with modern technologies like Big Data, Machine Learning or Internet of Things.

The game can be played by a minimum of two players (although, the more the merrier!) who compete against each other.

Is it free?

Yes, it is! We believe that the game open source model helps software development community improve design skills and create more and better software.

And if you like it, we are looking forward to your feedback or contribution.

Playing Cards


Red, Blue, and Green

  • Boost your architectural skills
  • Learn ML, Big Data, and IoT technologies
  • Build your team
  • Gamify your work
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Special Thanks to


Humberto Cervantes, Serge Haziyev, Olha Hrytsay, Rick Kazman

Game mechanics:

Humberto Cervantes | Serge Haziyev | Olha Hrytsay | Rick Kazman

Big Data cards:

Serge Haziyev | Olha Hrytsay |Andriy Shapochka | Taras Bachynskyy | Vadym Fedorov | Valentyn Kropov | Markiyan Vavrykovych | Serhiy Torba | Maksym Sulym

ML cards:

Tetiana Hladkykh | Iurii Milovanov | Serge Haziyev

IoT cards:

Shaun Greene | Yaroslav Pidstryhach | Serge Haziyev


Igor Kasyanchuk

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